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5 Tools To Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Office

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woman working on a laptop in the rear seat of a car
In the future, working from a car might be as common as working from home
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Maybe you work from home and need a new environment to spark your creativity. Or perhaps you need to get some work done when you’re on the go. With a few simple tips, it’s easy to transform your vehicle into a mobile office to boost your productivity. Here are five tools that are essential to a work-from-car setup.

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Wi-Fi hotspot

wi-fi hotspot vpn
A Wi-Fi hotspot is an important tool for a mobile office
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Many newer car models have a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that you can tap into when working from your vehicle. Consult with your vehicle’s owner manual if you need help connecting your laptop to the hotspot. With older car models, though, you’ll likely have to turn your iPhone into a hotspot so your laptop can access the web. You could also use an app like WiFi Finder to find nearby hotspots, as Business Insider’s Dave Johnson suggests.

In-car speakerphone

If your vehicle has a reliable Bluetooth system you can use for making phone calls, feel free to leverage it when you’re working from your car. But if you need a bit more sound clarity and noise cancellation, PCMag’s Sascha Segan recommends getting an in-car speakerphone.

Laptop desk

A laptop desk is another important accessory for your mobile office. Some anchor to the car’s steering wheel while others anchor to the back of the front seat, as LifeSavvy’s Jill Chafin shares.

Power inverter

Quite a few modern vehicles have a built-in power port for you to use when working from your car. If your car doesn’t have one, buy a high-quality power inverter, advises Segan. This gadget will help power your laptop and any other electronic devices you need for your job tasks.

Mobile printer

If your job requires frequent use of a printer, invest in a mobile printer for your vehicle. The Canon Pixma TR150 Wireless gets rave reviews from consumers as well as PCMag’s Tony Hoffman. Place the printer in the passenger seat or backseat for easy access. Just avoid leaving it in your vehicle for prolonged periods when the weather is hot, to help preserve its condition.

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