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5 Useful Car Accessories to Consider

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Customization is what helps us stand out as individuals, and that sort of personalization can extend to the vehicle you drive daily. If you love car accessories more than your car itself, here are a few pieces of equipment that should tickle your fancy.

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1. Bluetooth transmitter

Modern cars come with Bluetooth connection already integrated so you can make phone calls, listen to music, or talk to Siri or Alexa whenever you want. To make this happen in an older vehicle, get a Bluetooth FM transmitter. You can hook it up in your lighter port and some even feature a USB charger.



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2. Tire pressure sensor

As long as you have a smartphone, you can have a tire pressure system that will send an alert to your phone whenever things don’t look good. This is important because well-inflated tires have a longer lifespan and make fuel consumption more efficient. Installing a tire pressure system in your car is as simple as following a video like this:



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custom license plates

3. Cool license plate

We all love to feel special, and even if you have the latest new car, chances are others will have it too. We are constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and personalized license plates are perfect for letting everyone know just who you are. Sites like Absolute Reg or even your local DMV are very helpful when it comes to both researching and purchasing your new plates.



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dashboard dash cam security car camera

4. Dashboard camera

As an extra set of eyes, a dash cam is a perfect security measure that can help you in the case of an accident that’s not your fault. However, dash cams are also great at recording all the stupid things that can happen on the road. After all, drivers have seen a lot of stuff and some even have entire YouTube channels showing the craziness that occurs.



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person using smartphone and apps

5. Smartphone car finder

Have you ever lost your car in a busy parking lot? To avoid going through the parking lot beeping your keys until you get in range, get a Bluetooth car-finding device that will use your smartphone to pinpoint the exact location of your car.




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