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5 Wackiest Cars from Superhero Comic Books

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It’s not uncommon for a superhero or a super-villain to rely on a vehicle for assistance in transportation. Not every super-powered being can fly like Superman or run like The Flash. Batman drives the Batmobile and Ghost Rider pilots his motorcycle; they’ve become an accepted part of the character’s legacy.

Over the years, special vehicles have been introduced for other characters in Marvel and DC comics which have not been received as positively by readers—with good reason. Here are the wackiest vehicles driven by heroes and villains in comic books.

Top 5 Vehicles Driven by Superheroes and Supervillains

The Jokermobile

Jokermobile Joker DC comics batman villain car vehicle

The Joker’s Jokermobile
DC Comics

If Batman has the Batmobile, why shouldn’t his arch-nemesis have his own vehicle? Indicative of the Clown Prince of Crime’s flamboyant persona, his Jokermobile is a bizarre sight to behold, designed with its rear end facing backwards and adorned with a giant replica Joker face across it. The vehicle made multiple appearances in the comics since 1946 before being retired when the comic’s tone became more serious.

The Spider-Mobile

Spider-man Spider mobile car vehicle Marvel Comic book

Spider-man’s Spidermobile
Marvel Comics

Spider-man didn’t really want—or need—a special car, but due to an agreement made with fictional advertising executives for money, he was expected to build his own car (with the help of Johnny Storm) to feature and promote the Corona Motors engine. Unfortunately, the Spider-mobile ended up being more of a pain for the web-slinger than he’d hoped, being hijacked by the Terrible Tinkerer.

The Fantasti-Car

fantastic 4 original fantasticar flying bathtub vehicle car Marvel comics

The Fantastic 4’s Fantasti-car
Marvel Comics

There isn’t an aspect of the Fantastic Four that isn’t pure camp, including their vehicle. While most people know about the sleek, futuristic version that debuted in 1963 with all its gizmos, some don’t realize that an earlier, much more embarrassing version debuted a year earlier. Its cumbersome, oval shape was criticized as resembling a “flying bathtub.”

The Supermobile

superman super mobile clark kent car vehicle DC comics

Superman’s Supermobile
DC Comics

Yes, despite Superman being able to fly, he still needed a flying car at one point. When he was de-powered by solar radiation, he faces off against The Android from the cockpit of the Supermobile, constructed of Supermanium and able to duplicate his powers (thanks to large mechanical arms and a control panel of vision-related powers). Its main appearance was in 1978 in this issue and has only made minor cameos since then.

The Kitty-Car

Cat King Kitty Car Catmobile Batman comics car vehicle villain

Catwoman’s/The Cat King’s Kitty-Car
DC Comics

Another of Batman’s foes who decided that the best way to evade the Caped Crusader was by having their own bafflingly recognizable themed vehicle. Catwoman’s temporary transportation of choice was—what else?—a massive motorized cat. The vehicle’s debut in the comics was actually as the property of another villain, The King of Cats. A decade later, it appeared in an episode of the live-action TV show in all its cardboard glory.