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5 Ways to Get More Gas Miles From Your Car

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Gas prices frequently fluctuate, making it hard to budget for fuel each month. The good news is that you can save by making a few basic tweaks to your driving style. Read on for our take on the five best ways to squeeze more gas miles out of your car.

1. Get rid of dead weight

Most people have trunks full of things that really don’t need to be there, such as yard tools you got back after a friend borrowed them that never made it out of your car. Or the box of stuff you collected for Goodwill but keep forgetting to drop off, and the stroller your youngest grew out of two years ago.

These things, along with bike racks and roof boxes add weight, make your car work harder to go, and therefore you use more gas.

2. Know where you’re going

If you are driving to an unfamiliar location either route plan using a map (or app), or set up your car navigation system to avoid getting lost and wasting gas trying to find your way.

3. Use electrical extras with care

Extras like heated seats make your ride more comfortable, but using them constantly can use up gas more quickly. Make sure you turn these things off when you don’t need them.

4. Stick to the speed limit

The faster you drive, the more fuel you burn. Cruising at 50 is a much better idea, and by obeying the speed limit you not only save money on gas consumption, but on potential speeding tickets too!

5. Make the most of freebies

In the driving world there’s not much you get for free. One thing that is free is gravity, and it’s yours to take advantage of you are smart enough. It’s easy enough to do – for example, on a road with several dips and climbs you can, (where safe), gain speed on the downhill section without even touching the gas, and use that to help you climb the next section too.

The same thing applies to regular driving. You should always be aware of what is happening way ahead anyhow, so use that knowledge to coast toward a red light before you need to use the brakes.

For lots more great tips dig my ride and you’ll soon be getting a seriously impressive number of extra driving miles from your car, without paying a cent more for gas.

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