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5 Ways to Make Your Commute More Productive

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If you have a full-time job, chances are you spend a good part of the morning or evening behind the wheel commuting — and waiting out any traffic jams you encounter along the route. Make this time more productive by implementing these five strategies.

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Have a brainstorming session

Commutes are the perfect time to brainstorm creative solutions for that dilemma at work or at home that has been bugging you for a while. The safest way to do this while driving is to use a voice assistant/dictation tool such as Amazon Alexa, Google Voice, or an app.

Learn something new

Feed your brain while driving to and from work. This can take the form of listening to public radio or an audiobook. You might also opt for a lecture from The Great Courses, which are taught by credentialed university professors.

Review your goals

The morning commute is the perfect time to review your goals and tasks for the day. Mentally run over what you hope to accomplish in the next 24 hours, to ensure that your main objectives are near the top of your to-do list.

Catch up with a contact

Use your phone’s headset or your vehicle’s built-in hands-free calling function to touch base with coworkers or family members during your drive to or from work. It’s a great way to squeeze in time for strengthening relationships that are important to you, no matter how busy you are during the workday.

Pay your bills

While autopay is a helpful function to ensure that you pay your bills on time, it’s common to have at least a couple of bills that require payment via the internet or smartphone. Use commute time to pay these expenses over the phone (with the help of a voice assistant tool, so you can do so while safely keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road).

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