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5 Ways to Save on Car Ownership

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While owning a vehicle can be pricey, there are some practical steps you can take to save some cash on your investment. Here are five easy ways that you can save money while enjoying the benefits of auto ownership.

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Have an emergency fund for car repairs

Whether it’s an accident or a major system in your vehicle that needs replacing, auto repairs can definitely take a toll on your budget. Avoid surprise costs and potentially overtasking your credit card in these scenarios by having a special fund designated for maintenance expenses.

Opt for more frequent oil changes

Even if you’re owner’s manual dictates that your vehicle can go 5,000 miles or more between oil changes, consider performing this service about every 3,000 miles. According to The Balance, more frequent oil changes are the top way you can extend your engine’s life

Use apps to save on gas

Finding the cheapest gas in your area doesn’t have to be a hassle. Download an app like GasBuddy to your phone to help you save money on fuel.

Regularly check the air filters

Per The Balance, a dirty air filter can lower fuel economy by as much as 10 percent and reduces your engine’s shelf life. Inspect your vehicle’s air filters each month, and clean or replace them when you notice that they appear dark from accumulated dust and allergens.

Invest in special tires

While many owners prefer using all-weather tires on their vehicle, consider using steel-belted radial tires instead. Per The Balance, these tires can boost your annual fuel economy by 10 percent.

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