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5 Weird Roadside Attractions in Ohio

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Many tourists flock to Ohio to enjoy its scenic parks, waterfalls, and streams, as well as its historical attractions. Other tourists prefer venturing off the beaten path to discover weird and eccentric sites. If you’re planning a road trip to — or through — the Buckeye State this spring or summer, make sure to stop at one or more of these unusual destinations. 

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Hartman Rock Garden

Stop by Springfield to witness the Hartman Rock Garden, a unique collection of situ folk art. This art form involves artists building small worlds out of stone, concrete, metal, and other scrap materials. Hartman’s version incorporates mini replicas of national monuments like the White House, Independence Hall, Mount Vernon, and more. 

The Troll Hole Museum

Travel about 20 miles northeast of Canton to experience The Troll Hole Museum in Alliance. Visitors can browse two floors of troll dolls while learning more about their history. It currently holds the record as having the world’s largest troll collection. It’s a quirky destination for anyone that caught onto this toy fad that took root in America back in the 60s. 


Just outside of Columbus, in Dublin, stands Cornhenge, the state’s version of Stonehenge.  Also known as Dublin’s Field of Corn, this monument consists of 109 corn statues that each measure 6 feet 3 inches tall. Located within Frantz Park, Cornhenge also pays tribute to Sam Frantz, a proponent of hybridized corn, who once farmed the field in which it stands.   

Kewpee Hamburgers

This iconic burger joint has been a foundation of the Lima community for more than 90 years. Ever since  Hoyt F. “Stub” Wilson and his wife opened the shop back in 1928, as the first Ohio location of the restaurant, it’s been a favorite place for foodies to frequent. It’s a great place to grab some grub and get a glimpse at the doll mascot, which fascinates some people while creeping out others.

Ariel-Foundation Park

About an hour northeast of Columbus, Mt. Vernon’s Ariel-Foundation Park is an intriguing site to explore. This park has been repurposed from the ruins of a glass-making factory. As such, it boasts steel sculptures, architectural remains, lakes, walking trails, an observation tower, and more. 

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