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5 Worst Foods to Eat While Driving

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Skyline Chili
Photo: Yelp Inc. on Flickr

If you’re on the go and eat behind the wheel a lot, you are technically driving distracted. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines distracted driving as any activity that takes your attention off the road. You’re not thinking about the road when fiddling with difficult packaging, and if your food spills or oozes all over, you’re certainly not paying attention to the windshield while hurriedly looking for a napkin.

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If you must eat behind the wheel, make sure to avoid the following foods. They have unique pitfalls that make them more likely to become a big distraction.

Anything from Skyline Chili

A favorite in our neck of the woods, a Skyline Way features two of the worst foods to eat behind the wheel: chili and spaghetti. It’s hard to get all of that Cincinnati goodness safely into your mouth while you’re merging lanes on the highway. It’s also more complicated to eat behind the wheel because you can’t possibly twirl Skyline on your fork like traditional pasta, you must cut into it with the side of your fork like a cake so you taste all of its intricate layers. Coneys aren’t any better, because the cheese and chili will certainly drip onto your lap as you take a yummy bite.

This also applies to Gold Star Chili, but we’re really judging you if that’s the side you’re on in the chili war.


You might think that sushi would make the perfect road trip food, thanks to rolls being contained in seaweed. However, if you choose anything with sauces or toppings, it’s pretty much guaranteed to end up on your shirt. It doesn’t help that using chopsticks can be a challenge even when you can focus all of your attention on them. If you make a mistake, you could pick up spicy wasabi instead. Good luck keeping control of your car with tears and snot running down your face.


Crab legs

Eating any food that needs utensils behind the wheel is a bad idea, but crab legs take complicated eating to the next level. You could leave the fancy seafood crackers at home and just smash the crab with a hammer to get the juicy meat inside, but using a hammer that close to your smartphone is not a great idea. How can you even aim for the crab without taking your eyes off of the road?

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This might sound like a no-brainer, but these open-ended wraps of deliciousness are a horrible food to eat while you’re driving. One bite and you have sauce and filling everywhere. As the experts at Schaefer Autobody Centers put it, no matter what you’ll end up with “lettuce and shredded cheese decorating your console like confetti.” You don’t want to be cleaning a taco off of your clothes while trying to navigate the roadways.

Fried chicken

It might sound like a good idea to eat fried chicken behind the wheel, especially convenient chicken fingers from Raising Cane’s. The team at Hagerty Classic Insurance, which specializes in classic cars, wants you to stop and think of your poor steering wheel. Your messy fingers will get grease all over it (yes, even if you use a napkin), which is extremely hard to clean off and can make your steering wheel slippery for a long time to come.

Some of this list might seem ridiculous, but in today’s world, we need to spell everything out. Leave the chopsticks at home, take your chicken to a picnic, and, for the love of all things holy, eat your Skyline Chili at a table. The bib is optional.

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