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56 Million Americans Plan to RV This Summer

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A new survey carried out by the RV Industry Association found that 56 million Americans have plans to go RVing this summer — and surprisingly, COVID seems to have little to do with it.

When the shutdown ended last year, the RV industry took off like a rocket. Though interest in camping was already high before COVID, the pandemic had clearly increased it even further as RVing became viewed as a social distancing-friendly method of getting around.

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But even as vaccines are rolling out and life is getting back to normal, RV interest is here to stay. “Even with other forms of travel returning, the desire to use an RV to get outdoors and experience an active outdoor lifestyle is stronger than ever,” said Craig Kirby, president and CEO of the RVIA.

Americans cited increased interest in the outdoors, expanded flexibility through work and school, and the desire to travel with family as their top three reasons for wanting to RV this summer, with national parks being the most popular destination for both leisure travelers and regular RVers. A whopping 60 percent of RVers said they would travel up to 16 hours away from their home, while just over a third of leisure travelers said the same.

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Another interesting stat was that one out of 10 people who did not identify as RVers were planning to travel in an RV this summer. “That’s great news for the RV industry as it strives to meet the record-breaking demand for RVs,” Kirby said.

Next year, the figures may be even higher. The same survey reports that an estimated 65 million Americans plan to take an RV trip in the next year — over 30 percent of the country’s adult population!