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There is a 570hp Chevy Cobalt SS, Of Course. Why Wouldn’t There Be?

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570hp Chevy Cobalt SS

A 570hp Chevy Cobalt SS

Not every piece of news these days involving the Chevy Cobalt has to do with the gloom and doom associated with the ignition switch recall. This decidedly sunnier story comes to us from TX2K14, which has gathered high-powered street cars for roll races and a dyno competition. The latter measures a vehicle’s wheel horsepower (WHP) to determine which street-legal vehicle has benefitted the most from tuning. This year’s Dyno Day featured one entry that raised a number of eyebrows—a 570hp Chevy Cobalt SS. Uploaded to YouTube by High Tech Corvette, the video above displays the tricked out Cobalt registering 543 horsepower in its first go-round. The second time, it registers an abnormal 570.5 horsepower, which the video description says is “more power than half the cars there [at Dyno Day],” adding that even a twin turbo Viper wasn’t able to get the same amount of horsepower. Apparently, a 570hp Chevy Cobalt SS is a thing that someone actively aspired to achieve. Seems like a reasonable use of money. Unrelated: here is a video of a dog chasing an RC car, also from High Tech Corvette.