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6 Items To Take on Your Road Trip

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Road Trip Handheld Map
Photo: Francesco Paggiaro

You’re planning to take a road trip and discover hidden areas and view breathtaking sites. Driving down the road as you listen to your favorite songs can be relaxing and re-energize your mind and body. However, if you forget to bring everything you require, it can also become a frustrating adventure. Here are six things you need to take with you on your next road trip.

Comfortable clothing

If your pants are too tight of your shirt sleeves end at an annoying spot on your arm, you may find yourself pulling and adjusting your clothing so often you become grumpy or grouchy. Instead, bring comfortable clothing that allows you to relax and enjoy the ride. 

Nice scents

Anyone that has driven through farmland in the countryside knows about the sudden and unexpected wafts of unpleasant odors that can fill your car. From skunks and cattle to pigs and random odors, the smell can be overwhelming. To counter the odor and protect your senses, bring a couple of your favorite car air fresheners.

Emergency kit

Better to be safe than sorry is what the old adage says, and it is true when it comes to a long road trip. Whether it is a flat tire or a dead battery, you just never know when you are going to need to pull out a flare to protect your vehicle from getting hit by other inattentive drivers.


Light fatigue is a real phenomenon. Your eyes can get tired after only a couple of hours of driving in the blaring sun, so protect them by taking your favorite pair of sunglasses along for the trip. Your glasses will also protect your eyes from dangerous UVA/UVB light rays.

Snack cooler

When you are on a long drive, it is nice to have a container filled with drinks and snacks. You can use it to keep your drinks cold, candy bars from melting, and cheese fresh. A snack cooler is a perfect solution for a long trip in the summer sun.

Extra phone charger

You have probably heard at least one of your friends say they have left their phone charger somewhere – or perhaps you did. To alleviate any problems with a dead phone, bring an extra phone charger on your road trip. Without it, you could end up with no way of knowing where you are headed.

Make sure your road trip is a positive experience by including the six items listed above. Then enjoy your drive into the unknown.