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6 Must-Have Smartphone Accessories for Your Car

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smartphone holder hands free driving Mate2GOIf your car lacks the technological features you desire, you have two choices: purchase a brand-new car, or buy accessories. The first option is expensive, so if you’re on a budget it’s much better toyou’re your money toward accessories. Here are the essential smartphone accessories that can guarantee optimum entertainment whether you are driving alone or with your loved ones.

1.   Bluetooth transmitter

Many older car models lack a Bluetooth option. When shopping for a Bluetooth transmitter, opt for one that is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system. A Bluetooth transmitter allows car owners to stream media directly from their devices to their vehicles’ stereo system. In addition, they support hands-free mode when making or receiving calls. Look for the kind with a USB charging port so you can charge your phone at the same time.

2.   Car phone holder

It’s imperative to stay away from anything that can cause harm to yourself and other road users, such as using your smartphone while driving. However, you may still need to check your device in certain situations; for instance, when you have to consult the GPS system as you’re driving. A car phone holder will help to you position your phone in a safe and easily accessible way. There are lots of budget friendly options to choose from, depending on your taste.

3.   Car charger

If your car has just one USB port (or none), it won’t be sufficient if you use more than one smartphone or your passengers want to charge their mobile devices. The best bet is to buy a car charger with extra cables. Taking this approach ensures that your phone never runs out of power.

4.   Portable power bank

A power bank enables you to charge your smartphone as often as needed. It usually comes in handy during emergencies. Car batteries can stop working in the middle of nowhere without any warning. Car chargers are completely useless for charging phones in this type of situation. You will be able to charge your device and call an auto mechanic for repair if you carry along a rechargeable power bank in your car. There are some that can even help to jump start car batteries.

5.   Tablet mount

Young children often find long distance travel boring and stressful. One way to keep them engaged is to purchase a tablet mount that can be attached to the rear of the passenger or driver seat. Just load your tablet or iPad with educational videos that are age-appropriate and your kids will remain occupied throughout the trip.

6.   A pack of activated charcoal

Drinks and food can spill on the seats of your car anytime. A pack of activated charcoal is an effective way to keep odors at bay. More so, it will absorb moisture, odors and anything that can trigger allergies. Your car is bound to smell fresh naturally as activated charcoal contains no synthetic fragrance.

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