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6 Reasons to Keep Scissors in the Car

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Scissors are a handy item to keep inside of your car
Photo: Taken via Pixabay

If you tend to keep random objects in your car, you’re not alone. There’s one more item worth adding to the mix, though: scissors. Here are six good reasons to keep a pair inside of your vehicle.

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1. For cutting through a stuck seatbelt

seat belt
Scissors can be a lifesaver in “stuck seat belt” scenarios
Photo: cfarnsworth via Pixabay

Mothering with Creativity blogger Jessica Locke emphasizes one of the most important reasons to keep scissors in the car. This tool lets you slice through a jammed seat belt in emergency situations when the buckle release just isn’t working and you or another person need to escape to a safer place.

2. For bandaging a wound

medical scissors emergency kit
Cutting through gauze and bandages is easier with scissors
Photo: kalhh via Pixabay

If you have an emergency kit you stow in the car, you might already have scissors on hand to treat minor injuries. If not, make sure to keep a pair in your vehicle to snip bandaging tape, gauze, and other first-aid supplies when bandaging a cut or burn.

3. For wrapping gifts last-minute

gift wrap wrap presents
You can’t wrap presents neatly without scissors
Photo: Pexels via Pixabay

Running late to a party and still have to wrap a present? Pack some scissors — along with some tape, gift wrap, and bows — and complete this task in the car. Just make sure the car is parked or someone else is driving, for safety reasons.

4. For easier snacking

snacks lunch bag drinks water
Photo: The News Wheel

Pre-packaged snacks are easy to much on commutes and road trips. But some snacks can be hard to open. A pair of scissors can help you get to deliciousness easier and with less hassle. Just make sure you either pull over to do this, or ask a passenger to do it for you. Don’t snip and drive.

5. For quick sewing jobs

sewing kit needle thread button
Shears can save you from a wardrobe mishap
Photo: Dmitriy via Pixabay

The glove compartment or front console is the perfect spot to stow scissors and some basic sewing supplies. It’s an easy way to sew a ripped hem or reattach a button if you’re away from home and need a quick wardrobe fix.

6. For an instant trim

scissors hair haircut
Sometimes you just gotta trim an uneven lock of hair when you’re away from home
Photo: NomeVisualizzato via Pixabay

Scissors are a simple solution when you notice an uneven part of your bangs or a few beard hairs you forgot to trim when you’re traveling and don’t have time to stop by home or the salon. Make sure to exercise caution when trimming your hair, though, so you don’t go overboard. Or just wait until you get home, lest you end up with even more wonky-looking head or facial hair in the process.

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