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6 Useful Portable Gadgets for Any Car Owner

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How to Jump Start a Car - Jumper CablesAs a driver, you have to be ready to deal with all kinds of scenarios. Here are some devices and gadgets you should keep in your car in case of emergency.

Jump starter

The main mission of a jump starter is to help start a vehicle with a dead battery. A jump starter is small and doesn’t take up much space, but it’s one of the most useful tools you can keep in your car. Read review sites like BestForDriver to find the best car jump starter for you. There are different models available: Small ones that can start a common car, a boat, or a bike; and larger ones to start heavy-duty vehicles.

Air or electric wrench

Wrenches generate enough torque to fasten and unfasten lug nuts on a car wheel. There are two main types of wrenches: air and electric. These wrenches may take some space in your car, but they can be invaluable on a long trip. Many models generate the right momentum to fasten lug nuts properly to avoid excessive wear.

Pros of air wrenches:

  • Uses air to fasten and unfasten lug nuts
  • High durability: The air cools down the tool so it will not burn out
  • Cheaper than electric ones and easy to repair

Cons of air wrenches:

  • Require an air compressor which may be quite large and heavy
  • Not great for small-sized nuts

Pros of electric wrenches:

  • Some models are cordless, which makes them highly mobile
  • These wrenches can deal with different sizes of lug nuts

Cons of electric wrenches:

  • Cordless models are quite heavy since they have a battery
  • A battery requires recharging, which can be troublesome
  • Difficult and expensive to repair

Portable stove and a portable cooler

If you are planning a long road trip and you do not want to waste your time looking for a place to eat, a portable stove is what you need. It just needs 12V and you can be sure that you will not stay hungry. There are also solutions that will make your drinks stay cold.

USB chargers

Some chargers have 4 USB ports so you can charge all your devices at once. You just need to plug it into a cigarette lighter socket. Modern models come with various cables (compatible with modern phones and tablets) and are completely safe for your car and devices.

Standalone GPS unit

Many drivers use smartphones as GPS units, but a standalone GPS solution can be better. Some models, like Garmin’s DriveAssist, are not just simple GPS units with a map. They also includes various driver awareness features. The Garmin DriveAssist has a built-in camera and it logs GPS details that may help in the case of an accident.

Biometric security solution

Consider installing a security fingerprint starter system to protect your vehicle. This can be used with any vehicle that uses a gasoline or diesel engine with conventional ignition and fuel systems. These systems utilize various methods of scanning to provide the highest class of security, so you can leave your car wherever you want.

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