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7 Car-Themed Ways to Pass the Time During Social Distancing

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Cleaning Car Interior
Detailing your car is just one way to stay busy while keeping your distance during the COVID-19 outbreak

Don’t let coronavirus-related social distancing get you down. Feed your passion for cars while engaging your mind and senses with these seven car-themed pastimes.

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1. Watch a car movie or TV show

woman watching tv
Car-themed movies and TV shows are a fun way to keep entertained during social distancing
Photo: Pixabay

Distract yourself from the coronavirus headlines when you veg on your favorite auto-themed film or TV show. For more vintage movies, check out “Bullitt”, “The French Connection,” or the original “Mad Max.” For more modern escapes, try “Baby Driver” or “Ford v Ferrari.” If you’re in more of a TV show mood, try “Car Masters: Rust to Riches,” available on Netflix. “Deals Wheels and Steals” and “Inside West Coast Customs” are two other rewarding watches.

2. Detail your vehicle

Arm yourself with some microfiber cloths and some cleaning supplies then deep-clean your car. Check out this article, if you’re not sure where to start. While you sweep up crumbs and pet hair, consider taking extra steps to sanitize your car against COVID-19.

3. Make a playlist of car-themed songs

best way to listen to music in the car audio device streaming bluetooth MP3 sound speakers quality
Make new car-themed playlists
Photo: The News Wheel

Create a new playlist of songs about cars, roads, and new destinations. Here are some earworms that are worth including.

4. Discover a new car-focused video game

Channel your passion for Chevys when you play one of these licensed Chevrolet Video Games. Then try your luck at “Driveclub,” “Need for Speed Payback,” and “Forza Motorsport.”

5. Try virtual reality racing games

Treat yourself to a VR system to take your gaming hobby to the next level. Hot Cars’ Chris Littlechild recommends “Project CARS,” “Assetto Corsa,” “DiRT Rally VR,” and “Project CARS 2.”

6. Take a scenic drive closeby

Road Trip
Short drives are a great way to enjoy nature while fighting cabin fever during COVID-19

Go for a scenic drive nearby to get out of the house while still keeping a safe distance from other people. It’s a great way to stay connected to your vehicle and regain a sense of freedom during this time of limited mobility and social interaction.

7. Plan future road trips

Fight cabin fever by planning out the road trips you’ll take when COVID-19 blows over. Whether you’re anticipating seeing National Parks or visiting haunted literary places, putting together the details now will bring you one step closer to taking your trip when health authorities like WHO and CDC declare that it’s safe to do so.

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