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7 Commonly Broken Traffic Laws

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Parking Ticket Error
The threat of a parking ticket can help some drivers remember to park in designated areas
Photo: Charleston’s TheDigitel via CC

Ever wondered which traffic laws drivers tend to break the most? You’re not alone. Here are seven road rules that drivers tend to abuse more than others.

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Speeding and illegal maneuvers

Speeding and illegal maneuvers are some of the most popular offenses that drivers commit. These unlawful actions include running a red light, ignoring a stop sign, and making a U-turn in a prohibited area.

Not yielding

Lane merges and intersections can be dangerous enough, but they become even more so when drivers fail to yield to oncoming traffic, as Chris Turberville-Tully shares with Criminal Defence Blawg. It’s important to remember that yield signs are requirements, not suggestions.

Driving without the right documents

Photo: Kartik Patel via Pixabay

Another common way drivers break the law is to drive without a license or auto insurance. Others get citations for having an expired or suspended license or an invalid vehicle registration.

Driving under the influence

Each day in the U.S., 30 fatalities occur due to impaired driving-related crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s a sobering reminder to avoid driving when intoxicated or drugged.

Improper child seats/restraints

Car Seat
Make sure your toddler is safely buckled up in their car seat before hitting the road

Another law people frequently break is driving with unrestrained younger children in the vehicle. Not only is it unsafe for young passengers to not sit in the proper booster or car seat when the car is in motion, but this action could also elicit a fine. You might not realize that your car seat is improperly installed or that your child is not buckled in correctly. To make sure you’re transporting your kids safely, consult a child passenger safety technician — you can find local ones here.

Parking violations

Some drivers fail to observe “no parking” signs and park their vehicle in forbidden zones. This results in a citation and the car getting towed depending on the strictness of the local laws in that area.

Not paying attention

Distracted driving is another primary infraction in many states that usually occurs in the form of texting or using a phone behind the wheel. It’s a good reminder to protect yourself and others by putting your phone out of reach and limiting distractions when you’re on the road.

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