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8 Cool Items From the Chevrolet Merchandise Store

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Chevrolet Logo
Photo: Chevrolet

Looking for the perfect gift for the Chevy fan in your life? Or are you in the market to spruce up your home or office with some authentic Chevy gear? Either way, check out some of our favorite picks from the official Chevrolet merchandise store. 

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Camaro Trunk Organizer

Camaro trunk organizer
Photo: Chevrolet

Sports cars aren’t really known for their storage space, but this collapsible trunk organizer helps you make the most of your Camaro’s trunk. It features sturdy, laminated walls, three roomy compartments, and the signature Camaro logo emblazoned on the side. But of course, you don’t have to have a Camaro to flaunt this storage solution — go ahead, use it to corral toys in the back of your Equinox. We won’t tell on you.

Corvette Racing C8 R Official Team Shirt

Corvette Racing Team shirt
Photo: Chevrolet

Look like you’re a member of the C8.R Corvette Racing Official Team with this lightweight polyester shirt. It features all of the team insignia and sponsor logos that the team members wear, but on a crew-neck shirt instead of a polo.

Corvette Racing C8 R Official Team Cap

Corvette Racing Team hat
Photo: Chevrolet

Want to complete the Corvette Racing Team look? Top it off with this official hat, which also dons all of the logos you’d find on the genuine article.

Corvette Made in America Tee

Corvette tee shirt
Photo: Chevrolet

This heather red shirt is perfect for gearheads who embrace a vintage aesthetic. It sports a small pocket design on the front, and a full design on the back.

Chevrolet Corvette Three Logo Hat

Corvette History hat
Photo: Chevrolet

This twill-and-mesh hat captures a lot of Corvette history in just three little patches.

Monopoly Empire

Chevrolet Monopoly
Photo: Chevrolet

Although originally released in 2013, Chevy managed to get ahold of some brand-new old stock of this collectible board game. This version of Monopoly features unique rules, along with a variety of player pieces inspired by top brands. The real star of the show is the itty-bitty gold Corvette you can use to represent yourself.

Realtree Chevy Padfolio

Chevrolet Realtree Padfolio
Photo: Chevrolet

Gotta turn your Realtree Silverado into a mobile office? This just might be the accessory for you. This two-pocket organizer comes with a note pad, four card slots, and an elastic pen holder.

Chevy 100 Years Embroidered Catstudio Pillow

Chevrolet Pillow
Photo: Chevrolet

This 100-year-anniversary item is all about celebrating the history of Chevy trucks in cute, kitschy style. This pillow is the result of collaboration between Catstudio and General Motors, and it can be yours for the low, low price of $149. Yeah, you read that right.

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