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8 Creative Engagement Proposal Ideas That Involve Cars

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If your dating relationship is nearing the point where it’s time you should propose marriage, you’re probably frantically trying to come up with a thoughtful, creative way to “pop the question.” After all, your friends all gush about the jaw-dropping, unforgettable ways they were proposed to, so you have to out-do them.

Good proposals should involve a hobby, interest, or location which both of you share a fondness for. If that happens to be a car or truck, we can help! Here are some creative ways to involve a car in your marriage proposal.

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  1. Write on the windshield. An affordable option that doesn’t take advanced planning, you can inscribe your message on the windshield or windows of your partner’s car. That way they see it on their way to work. Scratch it into the winter ice/snow, or use temporary paints–like the kind you used in high school.
  2. Hide the ring in the car.  If the two of you have a long road trip planned in which you’ll be spending a lot of time in the car, hide the ring in the car when you’re packing it up–perhaps in a glove box or on the steering wheel. Leave it up to chance to see when your partner eventually discovers it.
  3. Use the GPS. Many cars nowadays have built-in navigation features. Program a secret destination into the GPS and have your partner follow the step-by-step directions and drive to the destination. When they arrive, have a sign or display set up asking the big question.
  4. Use the audio system. Record a CD and put it in their player, so when your partner turns on the radio, your personal proposal message to them will play. You can enhance it with music and audio clips from videos of you two together. This is nice to do if you’re long-distance and can’t be there in person.
  5. Junk in the trunk. This works best in sedans. Fold the back seats down and fill the trunk with balloons, then raise the seats. Later, ask your partner to get something from the trunk of the car and when they open it, the balloons will soar out, revealing a sign in the trunk that reads, “Will you marry me?”
  6. Spell the words “MARRY ME” in cars. This option involves a LOT of assistance from friends and family (or very helpful strangers). If you can rally 45 cars and have them park so they spell the words “MARRY ME?”, you can view it from above using a helicopter, video drone, or from the top of a building.
  7. Burn rubber. If you have access to an empty parking lot and are a talented driver, you might be able to spell “MARRY ME ?” using the tire tracks left on the pavement; but if you mess up, you’ll have to start over somewhere else.
  8. Simply propose in the car. If you’ve spent a lot of time with your partner in a certain, treasured vehicle (either in the front or back seat), propose in the car itself. Play some meaningful music on the radio and drive to somewhere romantic.

Before you propose, set up a camera in the vehicle to capture the moment and the reaction, especially if you won’t be by your partner’s side the whole time. If your partner has expressed that he/she does not want a ring, buy them a car instead! It might be a much more treasured memento, depending on the person.

No matter how you end up proposing, remember that it’s not the engagement or even the wedding that matters, it’s every day together that follows. Good luck!

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