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8 Quick Ways to Earn Money Driving Your Own Car

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Money is hard to come by these days; many of us struggle to pay the bills or could use a little extra cash in the bank. While the majority of people stick to working a 9-to-5 job as the only source of income, some resourceful drivers are finding ways to make extra money on the side by simply driving their car.

Want to know how to also make more money driving your own car? Here are some of the most common ways.

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Money-Making Methods for Mundane Motorized Missions

  1. Be a Taxi: Everyone’s a ridesharer these days, including celebrities and politicians. Get on the bandwagon and ferry people around in your car for money through a host like Uber or Lyft. You’ll have plenty of crazy stories to share, too.
  2. Deliver Food: Make some extra evening and weekend cash under the table using the time-old method of pizza delivery. Or, enroll in an app-based cuisine delivery system like UberEATS.
  3. Deliver Purchases: If you’re not keen on delivering hot food to starving customers, there are other delivery services where you can sign up as a home deliverer of groceries or online purchases like Amazon.
  4. Advertise on Your Car: Businesses are always looking for ways to get their name in front of new customers, and some will even pay regular commuters to cover their personal car in a printed wrap that’s an advertisement.
  5. Rent Your Car Out: Like Airbnb but for cars, some companies connect vehicle owners who want to make money with travelers who need a cheap ride for a couple days. By enrolling, you can make your vehicle available to rent.
  6. Community Commute Service: Get the word out in your neighborhood that you’re willing to run errands, drive children to school, drive the elderly to appointments, or perform other driving tasks for a fee—either a per-mile rate or flat fee based on the task.
  7. Moving Services: If you have a van or a truck, offer to lend your vehicle—and your time—to transport boxes and furniture for a competitive rate, plus gas. It’s a lot cheaper for people to use than a moving service or renting a U-haul.
  8. Save Money: While you’re not technically bringing in more money by raising your income, saving money by installing a car insurance monitoring device, for instance, is still ultimately more money in your pocket.

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