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A Classic is Reborn: Ways to Restore an Automobile to its Former Glory

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Do you have a classic old car that you plan to fix up? Classic car restoration is a worthwhile hobby that delivers plenty of satisfaction. Bringing an old car back to its original glory can be a challenge, however, especially where your wallet is concerned. In the interest of car-fixer-uppers on a tight budget, we are pleased to present a few affordable tips pertaining to classic car restoration.


Before you take your automobile apart

Before you remove even one screw from your classic car, document every inch of the exterior and interior. Take snapshots of the car from the right side, left side, the front, and the back. Take photos of the wheel openings, trunk, hood gaps, and each bit of trim. Inside the vehicle, take pictures of the entire dash layout as well as the rear deck and headliner. These images will help you when it’s time to reconstruct the car, according to classic auto restoration experts at Second Chance Garage.

Don’t forget to take pictures of the engine details. Open the hood and take numerous images of the engine bay. If you can raise the vehicle, shoot some photos of the undercarriage and suspension. Otherwise, hold your camera under the car and take pictures in several places. Organize film images in a scrapbook as soon as they are developed. Digital images may be immediately downloaded and saved into online folders.

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Replacement parts and the tools to install them

Chances are you’ll need more than a few replacement parts with which to refurbish your ride. Salvage as many of the original parts as you can and scrounge wrecking yards in your neighborhood for the rest. Save time and gas by calling around to find a salvage yard that has a car similar to the one you wish to fix up. If there are no adequate salvage yards near you, you may be able to find the replacement parts you need on Craigslist or at online shops.

Don’t scrimp on tools. With the right assortment of wrenches, pliers, grippers, and ratchet spanners from RS, removing old parts and installing new ones will be so much easier.


Authentic parts vs. aftermarket parts

If you can do your own bodywork, you’ll save a ton of money on your restoration. The same can be said if you are happy to settle for aftermarket parts. You may boast utmost authenticity when you insist on original maker parts only, but that might put a big dent in your refurbishing budget. Of course, you can compromise and use original parts in places that are visible and use aftermarket parts on unseen engine interiors and the like, explains Cars Direct magazine.

Above all, remember that sprucing up your classic car should be fun, not frustrating. Determine your budget at the outset, make an inventory of part and tools, and have a great time restoring your classic car.