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A Fantasy Land for Those in Seatbelt Denial

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You might have occasion to meet someone who can’t quite wrap their head around the idea that state laws will ticket drivers caught not wearing their safety belts.  They don’t understand why seat belts are so important and why they should have to pay a fee for choosing not to buckle up.  It’s simply not the business of the state or the police or anybody else how they chose to enjoy their daily commute, regardless of what a vast majority of drivers say.  So how do you convince someone who has so made up their mind without resorting to making them sit Alex DeLarge-style through a compilation of increasingly disturbing seatbelt safety commercials?

Imagine waking up one morning to find that the bed has collapsed for lack of bolts and their ceiling fan has fallen again and smashed against the dresser, just barely missing where your prone head had just been.  Unplug your cellphone, which is glowing with unchecked radiation, from the uncovered and perpetually sparking outlet.

In the hallway, your children are running with scissors and your spouse is shouting in pain as the water in the shower yet again reaches an uninhibited scalding hot or freezing cold temperature.

The milk you pour into your cereal is lumpy and foul smelling, but so is all the food that you eat.  The microwave explodes and starts a roaring fire along the kitchen wall.  No smoke detector whines because, well, why bother?

Outside, the streets are filled with garbage and the very scent of disease hangs heavy on the air.  Water pipes have broken through the lawn and the asphalt, spewing water all over everything.  And despite the smoke on the horizon and the looters darting around the neighborhood in packs, no sirens can be heard.  Be sure to leave your door unlocked and clearly mark all of the valuables in the house…well, whatever is left after the fire is done with it all anyway?

Then start up your car and don’t fasten your seat belt.  You’ll be right at home in a world where you are trying so very hard to ignore using the common sense tools things that save lives every day.

Seatbelt safety statistics speak for themselves.  They save lives and prevent serious injuries every single day, the same as so many other inventions that people take for granted.  When it comes to seatbelts, don’t worry about losing money to a fine or looking uncool with a seatbelt on; worry about losing your limbs to an accident and looking like a corpse who would still be alive if they had simply worn their seatbelt.

buckle up

Buckle up! It’s so easy and it could save your life.


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