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A First-Time Owner’s Guide to Improving Your RV

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The name of the game of RV living is cost-efficiency. You have limited space in your RV, so you have to populate it with the most practical, most space-saving gadgets and doodads available. Unless you have unlimited funds, you’ll want to be thrifty as well. The end goal is to make RV living as comfortable as possible.

Below we’ll discuss some popular, cost-efficient options to improve your RV. Some of these things may have a somewhat notable cost of entry, but will definitely save you money and major hassle in the long haul.

Solar power system

If you’re interested in going green, you’ll want a complete solar power system installed in your RV. You’ll have extra juice to power your trailer by relying on the renewable energy of the sun. Total off-gridding to the more remote and scenic locales becomes a much more feasible adventure when you’re equipped with solar panels. Also, you get to save on electricity costs in the long run.

Efficient LED lights

LED lighting is cheap and very energy efficient. You’ll want to replace your regular lighting options inside and outside the trailer with LED bulbs. If you’re looking to optimize your energy usage in the RV, you’ll need these.

Extra battery capacity

Complement your solar panel system and RV generator with more battery capacity. It never hurts to have more energy storage, especially in an RV where you’re always on the go. Again, this a must-have for the off-gridding type of RV owner.

Signal booster kit

Want to ensure you have reliable, uninterrupted mobile and 3G/4G LTE connectivity while you’re moving around in your RV? Get a signal booster kit. These gadgets are easy to install and can easily boost cell phone signals by several magnitudes so long as you have carrier service in the area.

Surge protection

A hardwired surge protector makes sure that your electronics don’t get fried when an electrical problem surfaces. Prevention is better than cure, they say. Might as well get a surge protector from a reputable brand.

Roof sealing protection

A roof leak is one of the worst things that can happen to your RV. Make sure it doesn’t happen by maintaining your RV’s roof sealant. There are many ways to approach this, so do your homework first.

Practical shelving

You can never have too much storage space in your RV. In fact, it’s always a concern when living in one. Be smart about shelves and cabinets and design them with practicality in mind.

Hooks, holders, hangers

Get more mileage from your walls and flat surfaces with mounts and hooks of all sorts. Hang anything and everything! Be sure you’re using reliable hardware here, as things in an RV can get pretty shaky sometimes.

A more comfortable mattress

You might not want the default mattress on your RV. Best to replace it with one that you’re most comfortable with. Getting a good night’s rest can be a challenge while living in a small trailer, so stack the odds in your favor and get a great mattress.

Small office nook

Hey, you need to work right? Why not design a small home office in a usable nook or corner of the RV. Think of it as your command center, where you get all the serious stuff done and squared away. You’ll be more organized and productive that way too.

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