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A Good Samaritan Story That Got Weird in Wallingford

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It started like any other typical altruistic story. A man needed a ride to a Wallingford, Connecticut, gas station, and a woman offers to transport him there. No sooner had she exited her parked car, however, than the man turned on her and tackled her to the ground, attempting to steal her keys and drive off in her car.

Photo: WNEP News

Thankfully another person who witnessed the scene stepped in to help kick the man off of the woman. She soon managed to free herself and regain her keys. The man she’d helped didn’t stop there, however. He was bent on car hijacking. The video depicts him attempting to drive off in someone else’s car.

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Photo: WNEP News

Watch the clip for yourself to watch the amazing scene that ensues, as the owner stops pumping gas to jump inside his car right as the thief is driving away with it (turns out, there’s another passenger inside who helps his friend fight off the criminal). The vehicle circles the parking lot, crosses into the adjacent street and continues to loop until the innocent car owner kicks out the thief and attempts to regain control of his vehicle. Unfortunately, the man ends up crashing into a pole near the side of the gas store.

Photo: WNEP News

The thief flees the scene of his multiple crimes as the vehicle owner and his passenger chase after him. Police have taken custody of the criminal who is expected to appear in court promptly.

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News Source: WNEP News