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A Manhattan Reminder to Safeguard Your Items When Unpacking Your Car

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The worst possible place to put your violin case down while you’re unpacking your vehicle.
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Most of us know that musical instruments are vulnerable to chilly temperatures, so it’s best to not leave one in the car during winter. Another TLC tip for caring for your instrument is to avoid leaving it alone in a parking garage. Case in point: the parking garage incident in Manhattan.

Last summer, Beth Bergman and her daughter were unpacking their vehicle at a parking garage at West 51st Street parking garage. One of the belongings they set on the pavement of the parking garage was a pricey Degani violin.

Disaster struck when a parking lot employee accidentally ran over the violin with their car. Apparently the violin was still in its case and the Bergmans claimed it was “within arm’s reach,” when it got hit.

Victor Asitimbay, the supervisor in charge of the parking garage stood by his employee, claiming,”We didn’t do anything wrong. If you have something very special, you don’t put it on the floor.”

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From my adolescent years as a musician, I can testify that most musicians do their best to take care of the instrument that sources their aural satisfaction. Maybe one of the Bergmans who was carrying the violin had to sneeze, so they temporarily placed it on the parking garage floor. Maybe they had an important phone call to take. There’s quite a few valid reasons for the apparently negligent action of leaving a musical object unattended while unpacking your car.

Suffice it to say, the Bergmans have charged the parking garage with an $85K lawsuit.

It’s a great reminder for musicians to be extra careful with their instruments when unpacking their vehicle, especially if it’s in a public place like a parking garage.

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News Source: New York Post