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A Robot Car from Disney Can Climb Walls

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Disney is responsible for many unbelievable creations, such as  brooms that can march and carry pails of water, a multitude of talking animals, and a snowman who not only sings but loves summer.

Frozen Olaf

We’re looking at you, Olaf

Their latest creation, a car that can drive on walls, sounds equally unbelievable until you realize that it’s backed up by actual engineering.

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Before you get too excited, realize that this car is relatively tiny. The robot, named VertiGo, approaches a wall and then uses two propellers to help it climb the wall. It’s not a slow fight against gravity, as the car drives pretty fast. The car doesn’t just climb in a straight line, either as it executes several turns and the progresses across the wall as it is parallel to the ground.

You can see the VertiGo in motion below:

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The project was a joint effort between Disney’s Research Hub in Zurich and the university ETH Zurich. The video demonstrates that the propellers are very helpful to the VertiGo as it navigates multiple surfaces. Its turning radius is also extremely small, as the propellers help the wheels maneuver the vehicle.

The technology is pretty neat, but the project reveal doesn’t tell us what Disney has planned for the device. Perhaps it will be used in an attraction at Walt Disney World, or for a special effect in a movie. Hopefully it isn’t going to be used in a toy, though. Imagine the nightmare it would create for parents if Disney made a toy that could climb walls.

News Source: The Verge