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AAA Decides Labor Day Doesn’t Need A Travel Forecast

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Road Trip Cars: Little Miss Sunshine

Road Trip Cars: Little Miss Sunshine
Photo: Fox Searchlight, YouTube

Labor Day weekend is just a few days away, and workers everywhere are racing to get to that deserved three-day weekend. Some of us are packing our cars for a road trip, and some are planning to relax closer to home. But how congested will the nation’s roadways be? Well, we don’t know what to tell you, because AAA has declined to release a nationwide forecast.

That’s right, the long weekend that marks the edge of summer is no longer a big enough deal to warrant a holiday driving report from AAA. To be fair, AAA actually got rid of the report last year, but several local clubs used their own funds to research traffic predictions. This year, fewer of them are doing so.

Marie Montgomery Nordhues, spokeswoman for the Auto Club of Southern California, confirmed to The San Diego Union-Tribune that Labor Day Weekend is the least-traveled holiday period of the year, no matter what gas prices are doing. AAA then decided to spend its funds on more beneficial research, such as teen driver studies and deeper looks into popular automotive technology.

With the lack of Labor Day traffic report, the next holiday that AAA will report on is Thanksgiving. Of course, Labor Day will be examined after it is completed for actual traffic numbers. AAA has released a weekly gas price report as usual, though, that indicates that gas prices will continue to rise at the end of summer driving season, after a two month straight drop at the beginning of the summer. Of course, the national average of $2.22 is still much lower than where we have been for the past three years.

If you’ll be hitting the road this Labor Day, be safe. We hope you have fun with your trusty ride.

News Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune