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AAA is Giving Away First Autonomous Vehicle Wedding

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If your dream growing up was to get married in a self-driving vehicle, then you can make your dream a reality this summer.

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AAA is holding a competition to find the first couple in Nevada to get married in its Navya self-driving shuttle. To enter and win, you just have to fill out a form by June 20 and share a road trip you took as a couple and explain how an autonomous vehicle would have changed that experience. If AAA decides you are perfect for this “wedding of the future”, then on June 30, you can affirm your love for your significant other in a driverless shuttle and ride around downtown Las Vegas in it afterward.

The shuttle starts at the Downtown Container Park and includes stops at the Fremont Street Experience and The Donut Bar. Running Tuesday to Sunday from 1pm to 8:30pm, this free pilot program is open to the public as it travels through eight city intersections, six traffic lights, and two stop signs, all without a driver. Since its inception in November, more than 23,000 people have boarded these self-driving shuttles.

If you want to go down in history as having the first wedding held inside an autonomous vehicle, then enter the competition here.

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