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AAA Predicts a 17% Increase in Gas Prices This Spring

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It’s part of the natural ebb and flow of gas prices. As the weather warms up, more people hit the road and spike the demand for gas, therefore spiking the prices. But this year, AAA predicts a more significant strain on our wallets than usual.

Don’t worry, we aren’t about to see gas spike above the four dollar mark, but the steady increases we are expecting aren’t great either. Around this time last year, the United States reported gas prices at an average of $2.31 per gallon. The current average is $2.54 per gallon, a solid 6% higher. And it’s only bound to get worse. AAA predicts this trend will continue to increase, with summer gas prices surpassing $2.70 per gallon as the national average, the highest since summer of 2015.

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You will likely see the prices spike in your area as early as April 1. “[Early April] is when refinery maintenance is expected to wrap up and the switch over to more expensive summer-blend gasoline kicks in,” said AAA. “Consumers can expect prices to likely increase throughout April, May, and into the start of summer.”

Despite automakers’ efforts to push electric vehicles, Americans continue to drive gas-guzzling SUVs in swarms. For many, a 17% increase in their gas budget will severely affect their vacation plans. “This spring, consumers may have to make decisions on where they can cut costs to cover gas prices that are potentially 40-cents more per gallon than last spring.” If you’re planning on taking a spring or summer road trip, you may want to sit down with your budget and crunch the numbers again.

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