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Accessorize Your Car with Sun Shades to Shield Your Baby’s Skin

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Whether car rides are your baby’s favorite or worst activity, sun shining in your baby’s eyes will make for a long, uncomfortable ride for everyone. To block out or at least minimize the sun’s glare and help your little one enjoy car rides more as well as protect his skin, you might want to consider investing in some sun shades.

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With several types to choose from — pop-out, pull-down, semi-permanent, and static cling — as well as different sizes, you’ll be able to find the ideal sun shade to fit your vehicle and protect your baby, according to Jenny Silverstone, writer for A sun shade that provides protection from UVA rays is a great option, since UVA rays can cause damage to the skin and eyes.

Along with sun protection, a sun shade is also useful in creating a safer, more comfortable ride for your little traveler.

“Because they are sitting in a soft, cushioned car seat, it can often get hot. If the sun is beating on your baby, it can increase their temperature even further. A sun shade will help block the direct sunlight and help keep some of the heat off of your baby,” Silverstone writes.

If you choose a sun shade that adheres to the window with suction cups, she says to make sure the cups can’t easily come loose or fall off the window as these items are dangerous choking hazards. Static-cling models should be avoided if you are concerned of the potential threats cause by the PVC backing, notes Silverstone.

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You’ll also want to consider the weight of the shade you choose, she adds, since in the event of a crash, the shade can become detached and turn into a dangerous projectile.

News Source: MomLovesBest