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Adorable Four-Year-Old Coaches His Baby Sister Through Her First Car Wash

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Kid Comforts Sister Through Car Wash

Those of us without children often take car washes for granted. You drive in, drive out, and your car is squeaky clean. But if you really think about the logistics, car washes are kind of terrifying. You’re stuck in a confined space while large machines smack your car, spray high-pressured water at you, and make extremely loud noises as you drive through. It’s no wonder kids (or dogs) are often afraid when they go through one for the first time.

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Luckily, a brave four-year-old boy, Declan, was there to comfort his one-year-old sister, Raleigh, during her first experience in a car wash.

Declan and Raleigh were with their mother, Alyssa, about to go through the car wash, when Raleigh became visibly upset. There were people behind them in line, so it was too late to leave. The only way out was to go through the car wash.

Raleigh’s eyes filled with tears as she watched the car in front of them in line go through the car wash. Large bristles whacked the side of the car and the sound was audible even from several car lengths away. Declan put his hand on his little sister’s and said, “No, don’t cry,” while explaining that they were going to go through, come out on the other side, and head home in one piece.

Once they were in the car wash, Declan continued to console Raleigh as her emotions continued on a roller coaster. One moment, she was terrified, tears streaming down her face. The next, she was smiling and enjoying the show. By the end of the car wash, both siblings’ faces lit up. Declan asked his little sister if she wanted to go through again sometimes, and she gleefully said yes.

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Watch the full video of Raleigh’s first car wash here: