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Some Advantages of a 5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch and Tips for Installing One

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If you regularly transport heavy loads with your truck, a 5th-wheel trailer hitch is a wise investment. If you’re new to the truck segment and trailering accessories, here’s a brief overview of the benefits this hitch type offers, as well as some tips for installing one. 

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Advantages of a 5th-wheel hitch

For starters, a 5th-wheel hitch has a greater towing capacity than a standard ball hitch. It also enhances maneuverability when trailering. That’s because a 5th-wheel hitch anchors to the truck bed, which results in a better turning radius than you get with a conventional hitch. This design also enables greater stability each time you pull a trailer since the hitch attaches to the truck bed instead of the bumper.

Tips for installing one

Before installing

  • Opt for a hitch installation kit designed for your particular truck model rather than a universal kit, to avoid drilling any unnecessary holes in your truck. And consult your owner’s manual in case it recommends installing the hitch in a specific area of the truck bed. 
  • Figure out the height setting by measuring from the ground to the king pin, then from the ground to the truck bed. Your height setting is the number you get when you subtract the second measurement from the first one. 
  • Make sure there’s 5-6 inches of clearance between the back of the truck and the fifth wheel. 

While installing

  • Determine where to position the rails of the hitch in the truck bed. next, drill the bolts and attach the brackets to secure the rails. Make sure to use spacers to help cushion the truck bed from any scratches or dents. 
  • Once the rails are installed, set up the hitch. Use the manufacturer’s instructions to attach the hitch to the top of the rails. You’ll want to line up the hitch with the front and rear rails, using the hardware the installation kit included. 
  • Remember to tighten the bolts to ensure that the hitch is solidly in place and poised for use. 

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