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Alaska Police: Quit Stealing the Roadkill Moose, Please

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Alaska has recently seen a rise in a surprising and strange criminal activity.

The latest occurrence happened early on Sunday, the 21st. Don Dyer was driving about 100 miles north of Anchorage, when he finally arrived at his destination: Talkeetna Spur Road, and the dead moose that was hit and killed by a car there.

Only, there was something off—the moose carcass’ left shoulder had been cut off and stolen.

Don Dyer is the executive director of the Alaska Moose Federation, an organization that collects moose that have been hit by cars and delivers the meat to hungry people in an attempt to ensure that it doesn’t go to waste. The Foundation is funded by the state and works with Alaska State Troopers, who find and mark the locations of the moose. Since the Foundation’s creation in 2002, it has delivered about 450 moose to Alaskans who have applied to receive the animals.

Over the course of the last month, two whole moose disappeared between when they were found (and marked with flares) and when the Federation arrived. Two other moose were stolen last winter as well.

“Stolen” in this case is not a misused term—taking roadkill moose is illegal in Alaska without taking the proper channels, as once an animal is killed by a vehicle, it legally becomes property of the state. Therefore, a person who hits a moose, kills it, and takes it can be charged with illegal methods/means of taking game as well as illegal possession/theft.

Bottom line is, unless you are an official, don’t just grab a moose from the side of the road—it could be going to someone who needs it much more than you do.

News Source: Alaska Dispatch News