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All-New Acura MDX Platform Will Be Used by Honda

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2022 Acura MDX front wheel
Photo: Honda

In December 2020, Acura revealed the fourth-generation MDX crossover, which will be based on an all-new architecture dubbed Global Light Truck Platform.

This is the third time the automaker has touted the creation of a new, exclusive-to-Acura platform after announcing one for the new 2021 TLX and the redesigned 2019 RDX.

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This seems to be the opposite direction taken by most other manufacturers, which are increasingly streamlining their platforms to be able to support as many of the vehicles in their lineup as possible. But as it turns out, Acura is perhaps not diversifying its platforms as much as it seems.

“The definition of what constitutes a ‘common platform’ varies by automaker,” Acura told Autoblog. “For us, the most fundamental value is to maintain the same carry points throughout production and enable us to produce different vehicles in the same manufacturing environment.”

Indeed, the definition of “exclusive platform” seems to be a fairly loose one for Acura. While it says that the 2022 MDX rides on an all-new architecture, the Global Light Truck Platform is the same that underpins a variety of other Honda and Acura SUVs, including the popular CR-V.

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Rather than create a new platform for the MDX and other nameplates, Acura merely modifies them to suit its purposes. Generally, that purpose is to create a bespoke chassis that gives each car a unique character when compared to Honda vehicles that were created using the same materials and construction methods.

So while the Global Light Truck Platform is already shared by the CR-V and will also be used by the next-gen Honda Passport, Pilot, and Ridgeline, Acura hopes the all-new MDX will be different enough that it won’t simply be called a Honda in an upscale package.