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Alternatives to Reindeer: Why Santa Should Upgrade to GM Light Technology

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Photo: Y2J1968

While many people enjoy some extra vacation days during the holidays, some people just aren’t able to get off work. Police officers, hospital staff, EMTs… Some animals don’t get time off either. Service dogs, race horses, Santa’s reindeer…

santa reindeer

Photo: Y2J1968

While the 1964 classic film, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, is a favorite holiday show to watch, it makes you wonder, “When was the last time the protagonist and his antler-ed squad enjoyed some Christmas vacation days?” With GM’s innovative lighting technology, however, it’s high time that Santa upgrade his sleigh and give his hard-working creatures a break. Here are just two of the automaker’s gadgets which he should consider using this season.

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Adaptive Forward Lighting

GM’s Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) is just one alternative that Santa could pursue. It works by swiveling or rotating the headlamps in response to the steering wheel’s directions. Per the manufacturer, the headlamps can swivel up to 15 degrees, depending on the vehicle’s speed and the intensity of the curve. As Shannen Borngesser, a GM exterior lighting engineer, articulates, “The AFL technology provides the driver a much better view of the road ahead. [It] assists the driver by increasing visibility, both on straight and winding roadways.” The intelligence of AFL makes it perfectly suited to illuminate Santa’s path, as he drives through inclement weather in the darkness of night to distribute gifts to children around the globe.


cadillac intellibeam

Intellibeam technology is available on Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, and Buick models
Photo: Connection Center


Another brilliant technology that GM has released is IntelliBeam. The system uses a sensor set on the top center of the windshield to detect traffic and conditions around the vehicle. It then automatically turns on the vehicle’s high-beam headlamps if it senses the need for extra light. This helps increase the driver’s visibility while keeping other drivers on the road safe. IntelliBeam also turns off the brights when it senses a passing vehicle, a thoughtful feature which other drivers are sure to appreciate. And, if Santa used IntelliBeam in his airborne travels, it’s something that would help airplanes, birds, and other nocturnal winged creatures navigate the sky safely.

Either of these technologies would give Santa’s reindeer a much-deserved time off from their Christmas Eve task of hauling and delivering the whole world’s presents in just one night.


Photo: Y2J1968


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