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Amazon Vehicles – One Step Closer to Online Car Sales?

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Amazon Vehicles

This month, online retail giant Amazon launched a new part of their website called Amazon Autos. While the name suggests that the site is beginning to sell cars, it is not yet the case. While Amazon waits for an atmosphere that might be more amenable to selling cars online, Amazon Vehicles looks to establish the brand as a resource for car owners across the country, providing reviews, tips, discussions, and accessories (which can be ordered from Amazon).

When you first visit Amazon Vehicles, you’re greeted with revolving banner ads for a variety of car models. Below the banner are popular body styles and featured makes. When you search for a model or click one from the main page, you are taken to a vehicle detail page that looks suspiciously like a normal Amazon product page. From there, you can explore the different trim levels, body styles, and paint colors. Scrolling further down reveals details about the product, as well as manufacturer videos. Just like standard Amazon product listings, Amazon users can also leave reviews of a particular model for perspective shoppers to see.

Amazon Vehicles

While you can’t buy a car, you can click to add cars you already own to your “Garage”. From there, you can join in conversations with other people who own your particular model, and there’s also very easy access to replacement parts and accessories for your vehicle.

It’s still too early to tell if Amazon Vehicles will take off, especially without actual car sales. We appreciate that it’s now much easier to find accessories and parts for our vehicles, but it wasn’t that hard before to go to a manufacturer’s website to find what we need. We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes on these new pages.