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America Continues to Fall Behind Europe in Quality of McDonald’s Drive Thrus

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McDonald's late night drive-thru could be made obsolete by walk-thru option

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk 

Earlier this month, we reported on how a McDonald’s in Wales had opened a “walk thru” for late night customers who were too drunk to drive—and, in the process, were threatening the very concept of American exceptionalism, since McDonald’s restaurants in the United States offer no such service.

Well, once again, our nation’s McDonald’s drive-thrus are being made to look weak and inferior by a superior location in the United Kingdom. This time, the culprit is a super-cheesy, super-British McDonald’s employee in England, whose tongue-in-cheek enthusiasm was captured in a recent viral video.

Take a look:

The drive-thru operator may just be angling for the role of “overly-enthusiastic Chotchkie’s waiter” in a British remake of Office Space, but whatever his motivations, his style is clearly delighting customers. Referring to each menu item as a “bad boy,” asking what beverage option customers will be “Pika-choosing,” and describing an order of two 7 Up sodas as “14 Up”—this guy is making the world a better place, one beef BBQ smokehouse meal at a time.

So why aren’t we seeing this kind of thing here in the states?

The McDonald’s drive-thru is an American institution—so much so that the very first one was created in Sierra Vista, Arizona, for the literal purpose of serving our troops. US Army regulations prohibited soldiers stationed at nearby Fort Huachuca from being seen wearing their fatigues while in local businesses, so the town’s McDonald’s created a special window that men in uniform could drive up to and order from.

But despite being an American original, it seems that the McDonald’s Drive Thru is currently being perfected by the citizens of the United Kingdom, who are catering to drunks with the “walk-thru” and taking over-the-top customer service to new heights.

Unacceptable. American McDonald’s restaurants need to #MakeDriveThrusGreatAgain.