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American Graffiti 1958 Impala Goes to Auction

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American Graffiti Chevrolet Impala 2

American Graffiti Chevrolet Impala
Photo: Profiles in History

If you’re a fan of American Graffiti, you’ll remember Toad and the beautiful 1958 Chevy Impala he borrowed from Ron Howard’s character, Steve Bolander. White with red pin striping, the customized ride was sure to turn heads. Now film buffs and car fans alike can bid for the car when it goes on the auction block next week.

According to Yahoo Autos, the car was purchased for the film by Gary Kurtz, a co-producer on the George Lucas film. This particular Impala got the coveted role because it was already outfitted with a tuck-n-roll interior, which is a very classic look but difficult to produce because it involves stuffing the rows, or channels, by hand. Take a look at it in the photo below:

Chevrolet Impala Tuck N Roll Interior

The Chevrolet Impala’s tuck-n-roll interior at Profiles in History

After production was finished, the car was sold to Californian Mike Famalette for about $325, and he has owned it ever since. He has changed the engine and transmissions throughout the years, but the rest of the car is the same as when he bought it. Famalette also used the beauty as a daily driver for a while, which had to have made his commute more interesting. Kip Pullman, an American Graffiti fan, says that Famalette’s daughter, Ashley, helped swap out an engine and transmission with her father as part of her senior project.

When the 1958 Impala goes on the auction block as part of Profiles in History’s Hollywood Auction 74 from September 29th-October 1st, it will be accompanied by an original American Graffiti poster and a shooting script that belonged to Candy Clark. It is estimated that the car could go for anywhere from $800,000-$1.2 million.

News Source: Yahoo Autos