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Americans Learn to Embrace Car Sharing Programs

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1 in 5 of us have participated

Let’s face it. Cars are a necessary evil (although for some, of course, they are a great source of enjoyment). Many, however, deal with them only because, in the 21st century, getting around to remote locations is essential. Cars, however, are expensive to buy and keep running; they are a leading source of death; and, of course, they pollute our environment on a daily basis. Car sharing programs are meant to combat two of those problems—the first and the last—but you’re on your own with the whole death thing.

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Americans Learn to Embrace Car Sharing Programs

1 in 5 Americans have taken part in car sharing programs.

Car sharing programs are obviously a huge cost saver for those who cannot afford to buy a new (or used vehicle), fuel it regularly, buy expensive insurance for the whole family, and perform routine maintenance. Instead, people in urban areas, who can rely on walking or public transportation for most errands, can just spend the small amount of money on the rare occasions they need to briefly rent a car.

Car sharing programs also do wonders for the environment, if you think about it. Usually, the cars are much smaller, for improved efficiency. They are also usually much newer than the car that a typical customer would buy if not for the service, meaning they’ve got newer, greener technologies for better fuel economy. Finally, the program gives people the ability to rely on public transportation with confidence, meaning more people are less likely to buy a car. Having a car at one’s disposal tends to motivate a person to drive almost everywhere, even if there is a greener alternative.

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According to WardsAuto, around 18% of Americans have now taken part in a car sharing program. Also promising: 60% of Americans have heard of Zipcar and Uber, two ride sharing programs.

Compare that to only 40% of Americans who say they are aware that Kia is a thing. Those hamsters have their work cut out for them.

News Source: WardsAuto