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And, the Most Popular Car Color of 2019 is…

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Chevrolet Colorado, sporting the most popular color in the world
The most popular color in the world, observing its domain
Photo: Chevrolet

When you’re looking to buy a car, there are dozens and dozens of options, upgrades, and available features from which you can choose. Among all of these, your vehicle’s color is, obviously, the most apparent. So, naturally, there are organizations and companies that have a vested interest in researching the most popular car colors and releasing that information to the public.

According to an article by Motor1 — based on the yearly Global Automotive Color Popularity Report compiled by one of the world’s leading vehicle paint suppliers, Axalta — the most widely purchased color of car is, drumroll, please…

White. For the ninth year in a row.

It looks great in white: The 2020 Chevrolet Blazer

If you were hoping that the runners up would be something a bit more daring, you’re in for a disappointment. All three of the top-ranking colors fall comfortably within the safe category of neutral tones. White leads the pack with a staggering 38 percent, followed by black with a respectable 19 percent, and trailed by grey at 13 percent. Between these three colors and silver, which took ten percent of the total, you’re looking at 80 percent of the global market share.

Despite the continued success of muted colors, drivers who opt for more bold hues are beginning to climb up the charts. Alongside the report’s release, Nancy Lockhart, a manager at Axalta said, “While the top four neutral colors – white, black, grey and silver – continue to lead preferences globally, we are starting to see other colors make moves in popularity that might not have been thinkable in past years.”

White, black, or grey: Keep your Chevy in tip-top shape

The colors she’s referring to are mainly red and blue, which claimed a combined 16 percent of the European market, and 13 percent globally.

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Sources: Motor1, Axalta