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Angry Chinese Man Steals Forklift, Forklifts Police

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Have you ever gotten so mad that the police demolished your illegal sidewalk-house that you just went and stole a forklift so you could flip some cop cars?


Just this guy?



You sure? Well, ok…
Photo: Mike Mozart


Well, after an incident where Shanghai police demolished the illegal street-side building that the 50-year-old Chinese man (only identified as “Ma”) had built, Ma decided to get even. So, he went to his former employer’s place, stole a forklift, and went on a rampage.

First, he found an empty police car parked by the side of the road, and he just lifted it away, shocking passers-by (completely understandable).

Soon after, another police car arrived, with officers intent on stopping Ma.

However, Ma still had a forklift, so he just flipped this police car, too, lifting it up on its side.


After that, Ma ran, but he was caught a few hours later by police. Police reported that Ma had previously been diagnosed with “mental problems,” but it was unclear what these problems were and whether they contributed to his spree of forklifting.