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Annie Boh, Aerospace Engineer, is Who Makes a Honda Quieter

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Annie BohThe latest entry in Honda’s 12-part “What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda” YouTube series follows Annie Boh, an aerospace engineer who specializes in aero acoustics at Honda R&D Americas in Marysville, Ohio. Her job, quite simply, is to make sure your Honda provides as quiet a ride as it possibly can.

“We have the opportunity to impact the lives of so many people through the power of engineering and design,” said Boh, who has been with Honda for more than 11 years. “To help develop a product used everyday that adds efficiency, functionality and safety to a person’s life is a responsibility the Honda team and I take very seriously.”

In addition to her work with Honda, Boh is a guardian ad litem for Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA, which means that she acts as a spokesperson for children who have been abused or neglected. This allows her to bring a unique perspective to her work with Honda as it relates to keeping the best interests of children passengers and young drivers at heart.

Annie Boh“CASA helps foster the human spirit in a child. A little bit of empowerment – just knowing a child has a choice in life – goes such a long way,” said Boh. “And statistically, this program works. As an engineer, that is very important to me.”

The story of Annie Boh is the fourth in Honda’s What makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda series. You can check out the three previous entries after the jump.

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