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Another Reason to Road Trip: Chrissy Teigen’s Flight Turned Around After Four Hours to Return a Mistaken Passenger

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Christine Teigen

Photo: Disney

As automotive writers at The News Wheel, we like to encourage you to hit the road as much as possible for your travel needs. But sometimes, people don’t listen to us, and they end up situations like these.

Many of us are consistently entertained by Chrissy Teigen’s humorous quips on Twitter, but we were all glued to her feed for a different reason yesterday evening: four hours into her 11-hour flight to Tokyo, the plane turned around to return a passenger who had mistakenly gotten on board.

Now, we understand that a road trip across the Pacific Ocean isn’t exactly possible, but the same concept applies. Even if your parents always threatened to “turn the car around,” you don’t have to worry about a stray passenger wandering into your car and demanding you turn around four hours into your 11-hour road trip.

While it may seem that, in total, the rest of the passengers and crew wasted eight hours, you’d be mistaken. On top of the time spent on the turned-around flight, Chrissy and her family spent nearly seven hours waiting for a new flight. By the time they got on the second flight, their first one would have already landed in Tokyo. On the bright side, her second flight was completely Star Wars-themed:

Moral of the story, once again: opt for a road trip. You’re in control of your own travel, and you’re less likely to accidentally pick up a stray passenger.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Chrissy and John (Legend, whose birthday occurred mid-flight) successfully made it to Tokyo this afternoon: