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Apparently CNN Can’t Remember the Word for Planes, Calls Them “Flying Delivery Trucks”

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Here’s a laugh for your Friday morning.

CNN Money posted an article Wednesday that just tickled us pink, and we thought it was best to share it with you.

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The CNN headline reads, “FedEx is buying up to 100 new flying delivery trucks.” The article featured a photo of FedEx’s new freighter aircraft. I’m sorry, CNN, but flying trucks? Did you mean a plane?

We weren’t the only ones startled by this awkward twist of words. Twitter had a bit of a confused reaction, too.

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A handful of Twitter users attempted to set the records straight.

And others decided to reenact what the thought process must have been like for those in charge at CNN.

We all know that air travel hasn’t had the best reputation lately (we recommend a road trip instead), but really, CNN?

There are two possibilities here. The first is that CNN felt the need to re-market planes to be some cool new “flying delivery truck” (i.e. creating clickbait that makes online users a little irked). The second scenario is that they literally forgot what a plane was called. But since they used the word “plane” in their article, we’re going to go with the first one.

We love trucks as much as the next automotive magazine (and we’d love nothing more than to see some flying trucks), but renaming planes is a bit of a stretch.

In case you’re wondering, yes, FedEx is buying 100 new “flying delivery trucks” (aka planes). But FedEx never called them flying delivery trucks at all. In fact, FedEx called them aircraftsCrazy, right?

News Sources: CNN Money, FedEx