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Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Narrate Your Drive on Waze

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These hands lifted more weights in 1980 then you’ll lift in your entire lifetime
Photo: Waze/Twitter

If you have a long commute to the office or you have a tendency to go out cruising on the weekends and you don’t use Waze, you’re really missing out. It’s one of the most intuitive navigation apps out there, with up-to-the-minute traffic updates and community-submitted reports to let you know where you’ll run into speed traps and potholes among other hazards. You can rack up points, share your trip with friends, and do it all for free. In short, it’s great, and you need it.

Another great aspect of Waze is the constantly rotating selection of celebrity voices to guide you along your journey. From an Elvis impersonator and Ichabod Crane from Sleepy Hollow to Terry Crews and former NBA All-Star Vlade Divac, there have been any number of recognizable voices telling drivers where to turn and what to look out for.

Two of the most logical voices for Waze to bring on-board are The Room director Tommy Wiseau and legendary bodybuilder/action star/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. In celebration of the impending release of Terminator: Genisys, we can now check the box on the latter of the two.

Starting today, you can go into the sound settings on the Waze app and select the voice of The Terminator himself. Schwarzenegger told USA Today that it took an hour in the studio to do the voice work, which includes classic Terminator-isms such as ending your journey with “Hasta la vista, baby” and inexplicably commanding drivers to “get down” when there’s a hazard ahead.

“Of course I’m going to use my voice,” Schwarzenegger said. “That’s a must. When I get into the car and a passenger sits there and all of a sudden you punch up the app and there’s me talking. Then they will go, ‘What the hell is going on in this car?’ It’s funny.”

The only possible complaint? Being that Schwarzenegger’s navigation is in-character, there is no instance in which he can tell you to GET TO THE CHOPPAH.

Arnold Schwarzenegger get to the choppa

Excellent work, Waze. Now please get to work on getting Tommy Wiseau, huhhh.

Tommy Wiseau