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Artist Benedetto Bufalino Turns Cars into Things and Things into Cars… Sort Of

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benedetto bufalino camper pool rv

Photo: ziyatong on Twitter

As a child, I had a neon pink Barbie limousine, complete with a hot tub in the back; it sort of looked like a hybrid luxury sedan-pickup truck. I wished and hoped that someone would make a car this cool so I could buy one when I was a grown-up. Unfortunately, something like that dream car will likely never actually exist in the real-world as a vehicle you can drive down the street. However, French artist Benedetto Bufalino has been creating some interesting contraptions that sparked my memories of that pink hot tub limo.

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Bufalino takes ordinary objects and completely transforms them in ways that baffle the mind. He created a “mobile phone” of sorts, taking a telephone booth and adding wheels and a motor, allowing users to glide down the road in the see-through box. But a majority of Bufalino’s work revolves around turning cars into other objects like ping pong tables, chicken coops, pizza ovens, and, of course, hot tubs and pools.

The pizza oven was probably the most adventurous of Bufalino’s work, especially since it involved creating a fireproof interior. (No, you can’t just put fire inside a car, even if you take the seats out.) The French artist had to build a brick shelf that could sustain the heat from the fire. While you won’t be able to take the car for a spin, you can get a pretty decent slice of wood-fired pizza.


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And it’s not just standard cars that Bufalino turns into new objects. He took an old camping trailer and transformed it into a mobile pool, complete with a ladder. The caravan can still be hitched to the back of another vehicle and transported wherever you’d want to set up your portable pool; however, it might be a good idea to remove the water to prevent sloshing along the highway.