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Artist Uses Recycled Cell Phones to Build Car

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Cell Phone Car

This life-size car is made of 25,000 used cell phones

Recycling is an easy way to go green. Whether it’s separating your plastics and glass from the rest of your garbage or donating old electronics to those that need it, there are a million ways to reuse the various bits of junk lying around your house. But what if you used this old junk as an art medium? This is exactly what Lin Shih-Pao, a Taiwanese artist, did with 25,000 cell phones.

Lin recently unveiled a brand-new art installation at his former high school in New Taipei City. Using the 25,000 used cell phones, the artist created a life-size car. The idea for this piece came to Lin four years ago, after he realized that more people need to recognize the importance of recycling, particularly recycling what he calls “high-class garbage”.

VIDEO: Watch Lin Shih-Pao Create His Cell Phone Masterpiece

“[This is] modern art, carved from recycled, first-class garbage,” Lin explained. “It’s just like a statue, slowly, slowly carved.”

Lin continued, “With this you can see the progression of art from traditional to modern. All produced by our high-class garbage.”

It took Lin four years and about $30,000 to collect these discarded phones from around the world. To get the shape of the car, he first built a wooden frame. Then, he spent four months attaching the cell phones to create the masterpiece. Now, the installation weighs about 2 tons in total.

While it’s not exactly like the special-edition Jeep Wrangler made of cans, it’s still pretty spectacular. Make sure you check out other pictures of Lin’s life-size car below.

PHOTOS: The Car Made Entirely of Used Cell Phones

News Source: BBC