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‘Attention Dipstick’: Passive Aggressive Notes Left on Badly Parked Cars

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Your Parking Sucks note

Picture: IceBone

There has been a rash of vigilante justice sweeping through Wells in the UK. However, rather than a group of angry millionaires in spandex, justice has come in a manner familiar to any college student with a roommate–passive-aggressive notes.

When these pen-wielding warriors saw a car parked across the entry to the Bishop’s Barn park, they sprang to action.

“Attention dipstick,” one of the notes said. “How do I get my pram through this pathway?”

Another added, “Idiot! What about wheelchairs and mobility scooters?”

Despite police urging people not to take the law into their own hands, the note-makers struck again when a car parked in front of a no parking sign at the Rose and Crown pub, which devolved into a dorm nightmare—a note war.

From the landlord: “are you blind [sic]”

From the driver: “No not blind. Intellegent [sic]” The driver went on to suggest the Rose and Crown park their van in front of their gate, and move it when deliveries arrive.

From the landlord: “Intelligent, Intelligent, Intelligent”

Youtube commenters would be proud.