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Audi’s Latest Commercial Mocks Self-Driving Cars

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audi_r8_spyderWhen it comes to self-driving cars, there are people that are looking forward to being able to read in the car and relax, and there are others that would be sad to lose the experience of cruising down the road. It seems as if Audi, known for its luxurious and powerful vehicles, falls into the second group.

In a commercial released this week, Audi shows us a world where cars drive themselves and our digital assistants follow us everywhere and know everything about us. After an executive uses his autonomous cars at the end of the day, he relaxes at home and recalls the days of his youth driving a classic Audi. He then decided to break away from his virtual helper and drive away in a 2018 Audi R8 Spyder down the windy hills that are always in car commercials.

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The release of this commercial has particularly weird timing considering Audi just lost its head of self-driving cars, Alejandro Vukotich, early in April. However, this commercial was clearly months in the works and shouldn’t be an indicator of its dedication to the future of the automotive world.  Vukotich and his team helped put the Audi A8 on the market, the first car sold to the public with Level 3 automated driving capabilities.

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Regardless of what the commercial says, Audi is just as committed to self-driving cars as the rest of the world’s automakers. We can certainly understand, though, why Audi drivers will miss the power of controlling an Audi driving down the open road.

News Source: CNET