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Aurora Cops Would Like You to Drunk Dial Them, Please

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Normally, when someone calls the police while absolutely wasted, the end result is the police picking them up for an easy, head-shaking arrest, followed by us mocking them on the internet.

However, police in Aurora, Colorado, don’t want that. When you’ve had too much to drink, Aurora Police wants you to call them, and not so they can come arrest you. In a program called “Operation Choose Your Ride,” the Traffic Section of the APD will offer citizens 21 and older who have had a little too much the ability to call the police to provide a ride home.

That is, provided that it’s Friday or Saturday between 9:00 pm and 2:30 am, and participants are willing to learn a little bit about what happens during a DUI arrest. The lesson will include the opportunity to try using a breathalyzer to see what your blood alcohol content is.

There is a real catch, however. All passengers must be willing to be searched, have a computer warrant check done, provide a valid ID, and sign a waiver. However, once that and the lesson are done, the officer will drive both you and one friend home, given that you live within ten miles of Aurora’s border.

The program will be provided as much as is able with the Traffic Section’s manpower—if all the officers are driving people, then callers will be given alternative suggestions for how to get a ride home or put on a waiting list.

News Source: 9 News