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Australians First to Get Amazon Alexa in Their RVs

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Amazon Alexa
Photo: Jayco Australia

Recreational vehicle manufacturer Jayco has announced the launch of its 2019 Silverline Caravan, which will feature Amazon Alexa technology to make it the world’s first voice-activated caravan.

Alexa is part of a new suite of technologies Jayco calls RVConnect, which not only includes the Amazon assistant but also smartphone-controlled Bluetooth awning, a Wi-Fi extender, and 360-degree cameras covering every blind spot to make it easier to tow and park, something Jayco also says is a world-first for production caravans.

Through voice commands, RVers will be able to ask Alexa to play their favorite songs, check the weather forecast, change the TV channel, and even turn the lights and air conditioning on or off, among various other things you might not feel like pressing a button to do.

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2019 Jayco Silverline
Photo: Jayco Australia

Garry Moore, Jayco Australia CEO, says the company is focused on making RV trips more effortless. “We rely heavily on technology when it comes to our homes and work lives, and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to our caravan,” he said. “The introduction of Amazon Alexa in the iconic Jayco Silverline opens up a whole new luxury caravanning experience for domestic travelers across the country.”

The one downside at the moment is that the Silverline is not offered outside of Australia, though we suppose we can forgive the exclusivity given that Jayco is an Australian manufacturer. Besides, there’s a good chance that RVConnect features, or at the very least Amazon Alexa technology, will be rolled out to other globally-sold models in the not-too-distant future.

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